New Live AL "THE DECISION" Release & Live video on YouTube!!

The ALBUM "THE DECISION (Live in Tokyo 23.11.2023)" will be released for distribution on March 8, 2024!

This work is a sound recording of the final performance of the Japan Tour "ASTERISM "DECIDE" Release Tour 2023 -THE DECISION-" held last November in conjunction with the release of the third full album "DECIDE".

Furthermore, the full version of the film, including the MC portion, will premiere on March 9 at 3:00 pm(JST) on the ASTERISM Official YouTube channel! The archive will be open for 24 hours after the premiere, so don't miss it!

As the title suggests, you will be able to experience the "DECISION" that goes into this performance with your ears and eyes!

◆Member's comments
<HAL-CA:Gt / Vo>
It was the first time for us to have more than half of the setlist consisted of songs. We went around the 4 shows with mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness, but I felt that the atmosphere and audience response were more united than ever!! I felt that the music we had created at DECIDE and our thoughts were not mistaken.
At the same time, I realized that there is much more we can do as an instrumental band that uses singing as a weapon, and I felt that I wanted to further develop the ASTERISM style in our performances on stage in the future.
Please enjoy this work as you look forward to ASTERISM as it continues to power up!
<MIYU:Ba / Cho>
The soundtrack for "DECISION," the final leg of ASTERISM's first four-city solo tour since the release of its album "DECIDE", will be released! I think you will be able to feel our tension and passion firsthand at the tour final, where we gave it our all!
It also includes a new song, "PEACE," which was performed for the first time on this tour! This song is what I..! Definitely give it a listen!
<MIO:Dr / Cho>
I was present at the mastering of the live recording, which featured songs from the full album of songs "DECIDE", and I thought it was a night filled with the sound of a lifetime. It is full of enthusiasm, live contingencies, desperate attempts to confirm that their decision to be an "instrumental" band was the right one, and irreplaceable moments. Please listen to ASTERISM's never-before-seen live performance, in which we create a never-before-seen sound by mixing and matching our past, which has been cultivated only with musical instruments, with our new present, which has faced the singing!

AL「THE DECISION (Live in Tokyo 23.11.2023)」


THE DECISION (Live in Tokyo 23.11.2023) 


M01:STARDOM - Live Version
M02:No Way - Live Version
M03:Sunny - Live Version
M04:choir - Live Version
M05:Last World - Live Version
M06:Hullabaloo - Live Version
M07:Drum Solo - Live Version
M08:Shooting Star - Live Version
M09:BLAZE - Live Version
M10:Gunfire - Live Version
M11:Light In The Darkness - Live Version
M12:Fiction - Live Version
M13:LIVE HOUSE - Live Version
M14:Finally - Live Version
M15:FULL THROTTLE - Live Version
M16:PEACE - Live Version
M17METAL - Live Version


Live Video「THE DECISION (Live in Tokyo 23.11.2023)」

Live Video「THE DECISION (Live in Tokyo 23.11.2023)」

March 9, 2024, Sat. 3:00 pm(JST)
※Archived 24 hours after premiere

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