ASTERISM is three pieces instrumental heavy metal band.
‘ASTERISM’ means a group of stars, forming a shape. Members named after its meaning to express each of them is a shining star though, all together they are much brighter, and create strong music.

HAL-CA started to play a guitar at the age of 10. MIO first touched drums when he was 5, and MIYU started to play a bass at the age of 7. All of them grow up, surrounded by Heavy Metal.

They encountered at ‘The 8th Music Revolution’ in 2014, and hit it off. Later each of them said same thing, “Finally, I met a person we can share music in the same level at the same age”.

ASTERISM is a hero for its transcendence technique to the same generation.
ASTERISM always practice to improve instrumental skills, in playing its sound bumps up. You can see ASTERISM live is full of energy and they always put passion into music. According to HAL-CA, MIYU and MIO, they wish to support anyone struggle with their music. That’s why ASTERISM call its own music ‘Battle Music’, they battle in playing to encourage people.

Bootsy Collins, artist and producer, discovered ASTERISM in early days and shared its video on his Facebook page, ASTERISM’s video ‘155’ boost and still does.
ASTERISM use Facebook to deliver its music to the world and engage people no matter where they are.

  • HAL-CA

    Part : Guitar
    Birthday : BORN ON 2002.11.23
    Blood TYPE : O
    Home Town : FUKUOKA
    Favorite Artist : Akira Takasaki(LOUDNESS)/Michael Amott/Arch Enemy

  • MIYU


    Part : Bass
    Birthday : BORN ON 2002.03.12
    Blood TYPE : A
    Home Town : SAGA
    Favorite Artist : Billy sheehan/Jaco pastrius

  • MIO

    Part : Drums
    Birthday : BORN ON 1999.11.14
    Blood TYPE : A
    Home Town : SAGA
    Favorite Artist : TOTO/Steve Gadd