Autumn Goods 2023, now available online!!

New autumn merchandise, previously available only at LIVE venues in Japan, is now available online!

There are five new goods!
The first is a T-shirt with the latest key visual.
The second is a tote bag with the latest logo for the first time!
And the three stickers featuring the jackets of "ASIDE," "BESIDE," and "DECIDE," a collection of works with vocals to be released in 2023.

In particular, for T-shirts, the first XXL size was released in response to the strong demand from fans outside of Japan!

Please purchase them!

To purchase new goods▽▽

ASTERISM Official Goods 2023

◆Explanation of goods by members◆
【ASTERISM T-Shirt 2023】
ASTERISM T-Shirt 2023 is now available! We have created with a lot of attention to detail, with the band T-shirts of yesteryear in mind! Our key visual is printed on the T-shirt! Let's take a walk with us! <by MIYU>

【Tote bag】
New tote bags are now available! You can use it as an eco-friendly bag, put papers, notebooks, etc. in it, or use it on a date! This stylish tote bag with the ASTERISM logo can be used for anything, anytime! Take it to many places :) By the way, my favorite point is that it has a loop for attaching a key ring! Let's buy the tote bag and key chain as a set! <by HAL-CA>

【New sticker】
ASTERISM artwork stickers are now available! This product, to my surprise, can be applied to anything that has a shape! Smart phones, refrigerators, everything is OK! Moreover, it has a special effect that the applied item suddenly begins to shine (individual differences exist). ASIDE, BESIDE, and DECIDE, all three types, let's show off the sparkling stars to everyone.... <by MIO>