「STARDOM」MV is launched!


The music video for "STARDOM," the lead track from the second EP with vocal "BESIDE," which was released on September 1, 2023, is now available!

The music video for "STARDOM" pays homage to the hard rock and heavy metal legends that ASTERISM respects, and was directed by Takayuki Kojima, with SNACK NGL in charge of costume coordination, the heart of the homage.

SNACK NGL is the creative team of stylist Yusuke Arimoto and stylist Satoyasu Shomura (ex [Alexandros]), who are responsible for a total of 17 costumes in this production.

SNACK NGL has successfully incorporated the ASTERISM members' love of hard rock and heavy metal into the visuals.

Who will be the next one to run up the "STARDOM"?
The music video is full of history, respect, and determination.


◆Director's Comment: Takayuki Kojima
When I received the proposal for this project, I thought, "Why a band from Ultek? I thought, "Why not?
However, I was surprised to see the music video, which is so typical of ASTERISM, with its cool outfits and love for metal legends, and I was the one who was surprised.
Please immerse yourself in the world of ASTERISM while thinking about the legends and which band is wearing which outfit!

◆SNACK NGL Satoyasu Shomura (ex [Alexandros]) comment
We are all in the same boat, and we are all in the same boat.
We, SNACK NGL and ASTERISM, have made a steel covenant with this song "STARDOM".
They demanded our reincarnation into the "Metalverse", not the "Metaverse".
As you can see, we responded with enthusiasm and iron will.
Now, ASTERISM, having relived the Metal Legends in the Metalverse and reincarnated in the modern age, let's go on a rampage. Guahahahahaha!

◆Member's comments
【HAL-CA's comment】
STARDOM's music video has been released!
This music video is different from our previous music videos, and you can see not only cool but also interesting and fun ASTERISM!
It was very interesting to change a lot of costumes and make-up during the fitting and shooting! LOL!
STARDOM, running up! I hope many people will see this wonderful music video, which contains the message "STARDOM, we are going to run up!
And let's sing together at the live!

【MIYU's comment】
BESIDE has released a music video for STARDOM!
The music video for STARDOM is a very interesting music video, which includes respect for the artists we admire and a message that we will run up to the top as well!
We hope you will watch the music video and get excited about it in the comments section!
I'm sure everyone will enjoy this music video! I'm sure you'll enjoy the music video!

【MIO's comment】
It's time to unveil STARDOM's music video! This music video is a parody of the legendary greats we have been following since we were little kids! It is filled with our love. When the three of us saw the finished video together, we all burst into laughter! We hope you all enjoy watching it!