!!!3 Big News!!! MV & TOUR & New T-shirt


PLANET OF METAL, a collaborative project with world-renowned illustrator Acky Bright, has released the music video for the final chapter "-EP6- THE TITAN"!

Acky's illustrations and ASTERISM's performance are fused together to create a "gimmick comic" that immerses the viewer in the world of POM.

Please take a look!





◆"PLANET OF METAL" Special Website


A long-awaited LIVE TOUR with "PLANET OF METAL" is now scheduled!


A total of 4 shows in LA and 3 shows in Japan will be held in November 2024!
For the Japan tour, VIP tickets with luxurious privileges will be introduced for the first time!
Official ticket pre-orders are now being accepted!
Please see below for more details!


【Date | Time | Venue】
★Live in LA,US
Date:November 4th(Mon)
Venue:The Echo

★Live in Fukuoka, Japan
Date:November 10th(Sun)
Time:OPEN 5:00pm(JST) | START 6:00pm(JST)
Venue:Fukuoka evoL

★Live in Osaka, Japan
Date:November 16th(Sat)
Time:OPEN 5:00pm(JST) | START 6:00pm(JST)
Venue:Yogibo META VALLEY

★Live in Tokyo
Date:November 29th(Fri)
Time:OPEN 6:00pm(JST) | START 7:00pm(JST)
Venue:Daikanyama UNIT

【Tickets in Japan】
◆Normal Ticket
Standing ¥5,500 (tax included, numbered, drinks not included)

◆VIP Ticket
Standing ¥8,500 (tax included, numbered, drinks not included)
※VIP tickets will only be available at the time of pre-order, and will not be available at the general sale (date to be determined).

【Ticket Reception in Japan】
◆Live in LA

◆1st official advance for Japan

◆Official 2nd & general sale in Japan

【VIP Benefits】
<Bonus 1> Fastest Admission
The fastest numbered tickets will be given in the order of call at the time of admission!

<Bonus 2> Priority Purchase of Merchandise
A special VIP lane will be set up at the merchandise sales before and after the show, so you can purchase goods with a short waiting time!

<Bonus 3> All attendees will receive a not-for-sale poster signed by Acky Bright!
All VIP ticket purchasers will receive a not-for-sale poster of the TOUR's main visual, drawn by Acky Bright, with your name and the band members' signatures personally inscribed on it!
The posters will be exchanged at the merchandise sales corner after the show.

<Bonus 4> Observation of rehearsal at the venue
A rehearsal held before the venue opens will be open to the public for VIPs only!
They may perform songs that will not be performed at the main LIVE event...!
Rehearsal time for the Fukuoka and Osaka performances will be 16:00, and 17:00 for the Tokyo performance.

<Benefit 5> Acky Bright's handwritten artwork and the members' handwritten artwork (?) Drawing right of "PLANET OF METAL
Acky Bright will receive 7 pieces of one-of-a-kind autograph art created by Acky Bright during the weekly Instagram Live program "POM POM PLAY" to celebrate the release of "PLANET OF METAL" (1st image), as well as a drawing of ASTERISM member's handwritten art (?) in between autograph writing. and 4 pieces of artwork (?) created from the doodles of ASTERISM members in between sign-writing. 4 pieces of art (2nd image) will be given away to 11 VIP ticket buyers!
The winners will receive them after the show when they exchange their tickets for <Bonus 3>.
The winners will be given them after the show when they redeem their VIP tickets for <Bonus 3>.

Acky VIP
Menmber VIP

The second PLANET OF T-shirt, which sold out immediately last time due to popular demand, is now available!

The new T-shirt features a different metallic motif from the previous one, and is colored to commemorate the two countries' appearances at Anime Expo (U.S.) and Japan Expo (France).

In addition to being sold at Anime Expo and Japan Expo, a limited number of these products will also be available at Asmart from now on.

Hold the Mecha Skull in your hands!

PLANET OF METAL -Mecha Skull T-shirt ~US&FR Edition~-
Price:¥5,000(tax in)

◆To purchase 

メカスカルTシャツ -US&FR Edition- Front
メカスカルTシャツ -US&FR Edition- Back

★Member's comment
◆HAL-CA / Gt
ASTERISM x Acky Bright's music video for THE TITAN from their work "PLANET OF METAL" is now available! This time, the music video is a fusion of art and music, a new world of "gimmick comics" for your enjoyment! We hope you will enjoy the performance scene of the three members with Acky's painting on their backs, which looks 3D when linked to the camera, as well as the unique story of THE TITAN, which is a suite of songs!
In November, the band will be holding a solo tour "ASTERISM LIVE TOUR 2024 -PLANET OF METAL-" in Los Angeles in addition to 3 cities in Japan! The time has finally come for you to experience the EP "PLANET OF METAL" live! The time to experience the EP "PLANET OF METAL" live is finally here! See you at the venue!

◆MIYU / Ba
Today, PLANET OF METAL released the music video for their last song "THE TITAN"!
The performance with Acky's illustration on his back made him look like a PLANET OF METAL character! LOL!
And more big news! ASTERISM LIVE TOUR 2024 -PLANET OF METAL-" will be performing in 3 cities in LA and Japan! Since we were working on this piece, we envisioned a one-man live performance, and I think it will look even better live, so you will be able to feel our live battle! I think you can feel our live battle!

◆MIO / Dr
"THE TITAN" is the last boss of our latest EP, which is based on the concept of fighting 6 enemies. In creating the music video, we wanted to convey our strength that we have grown in this epic PLANET OF METAL and our vision for the world that opens up after the battle. After many team discussions, we were able to create something that combined Acky's powerful illustrations and ASTERISM's performance with a gimmick comic theme!
Finally, we are about to embark on a live tour to perform PLANET OF METAL in front of you! We will perform in Los Angeles, USA, and then in three cities in Japan. Please come and see for yourselves how this story will unfold. The smoke of battle has just been raised!