Live in Mako Reactor!! ASTERISM, the first music video for a song "Fiction", is released!

ASTERISM - Fiction

The music video for "Ficticon," a song on the EP, was released on Friday, April 14, 2023 at 8:00 p.m(JST).

The music video is themed around the so-called "Mako Reactor" , a factory with a beautiful night view like in movies and video games, and features a live audience scene on the factory grounds.

◆Member's Comments 
This is my first music video that also features a song!
It was filmed at a factory, and I think the music video created an atmosphere of anime and games, just like the world of "Fiction"! In addition to the band's performance scene, I also tried my hand at acting for the first time, such as lip-syncing while sitting on a chair and singing, and doing image scenes such as holding my head and throwing a chair! It was difficult to make facial expressions, but I did my best in my first performance, so I hope the audience will pay attention to it as well! I was a little worried about the weather that day, but I made a teru teru bozu the day before, and I am glad that it calmed down to a light rain and the feeling after the rain turned out to be nice!

This music video was shot on location, which I had longed for!
It was the most interesting concept that we were going to do a live performance in a factory.
It rained on the day, which we didn't want it to rain, but it created more of an atmosphere and made us feel like we were in trouble!

This time we shot the film in a certain "magical furnace", a location that is aptly titled "Fiction", as it has a weird atmosphere that deviates from reality! I wanted to make this music video something special, so I painted the head of the bass drum with my own original paint. I painted the head of the bass drum with my original paint! Please repeat it!

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