The music video of ‘Silhouette’ is launched!! And the one-man live performance will be distributed and tour goods will be revealed!!

ASTERISM - シルエット(InstruMetal version)

The music video of "Silhouette/KANA-BOON 'Naruto Shippuden' OP Theme" included in Japanese anime x metal cover album "Animetic” that will be released on September 9, 2022 is launched!

Following the previous work ‘Kyouran Hey Kids!! / THE ORAL CIGARETTES "Noragami ARAGOTO" OP theme and "Silhouette", directed by Takeshi Hamaya, transcends language barriers with its expression of light and shadows.

And also, “Silhouette” have been delivered as the second leading single on August 19, 2022.
Please check it, too!

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◆WW Streaming & Download

The "After Recording" tour for the release of the concept cover album "Animetic" (Friday, September 9 @ SHIBUYA CYCLONE), which has already been announced, will also be broadcast live in Tokyo. The live streaming of the "After Recording" tour will also be available. The live broadcast will also include an archive period, so not only those who live far away or overseas, but also those who actually visited the venue will be able to enjoy the show twice.

In addition, tour goods for the "After Recording" tour have been announced. The merchandise will be on sale at the live venues as well as by mail order, so keep an eye out for them.

◆ASTERISM「Animetic」Release Tour 2022 ~ After Recording ~
【Date & Time】
September 9, 2022 (Friday) START 19:00

¥2,500 (tax and service charge not included)

【URL for distribution & reception】

【Sales start date】
Friday, August 19, 2022 20:00 ~

【Archiving period】
September 9, 2022 (Fri.) after the live broadcast ends ~ September 16, 2022 (Fri.) 23:59


<“After Recording” Tour Goods>
【Online Shopping】

【Animetic T-shirt】

Price: ¥3,500 (tax included)

Product Specifications▽▽
Size M: Approx. 69 cm (length), 52 cm (width), 20 cm (sleeve length)

Size L: Length: approx. 73cm, width: approx. 55cm, sleeve length: approx. 22cm

XL size: Height approx. 77 cm, width approx. 58 cm, sleeve length approx. 24 cm

【Animetic Can badge】

Price: ¥3,500 (tax included)

Product specifications: 32mm diameter / tinplate, PET film, paper

ASTERISM「Animetic」Release Tour 2022 ~ After Recording ~
Animetic Tシャツ
Animetic 缶バッジ

◆Members' comments
This time it's the music video for "Silhouette," the OP of Naruto Shippuden! This time, you can see a fun and soft side of ASTERISM that you haven't seen in the past, and the result is pop and cute! I hope you get to see a lot of it!
And finally, in September, we will be going on the Animetic release tour! It will be streamed live all over the world! We'll be performing songs from Animetic and much, much more! It's going to be the most fun live show ever, so please look forward to it!

Director Hamaya told us to have fun with the music video for "Silhouette", so we had fun and played freely! It's a cool music video filled with that kind of atmosphere!
The first day of our upcoming solo tour "After Recording" will be September 9 in Tokyo, and we have decided to stream the live performance on that day! We are going to deliver the best LIVE to the whole world, so please look forward to it! And more tour goods will also be available! Please get them and join us on our solo tour "After Recording"! Please get them and join us on our one-man tour "After Recording"!

The music video has a very fun and cool atmosphere! I remember the recording and filming of this song was done in a relaxed atmosphere, and I feel that the music video conveys to you the feeling of having a conversation through sound!
The live performance at SHIBUYA CYCLONE on September 9, the first day of the release tour, will be streamed live!
We are planning to make a live show full of ASTERISM's charms, so please come and join us! and "Silhouette" music video shooting

◆Director Takeshi Hamaya's Comment
I had the opportunity to see ASTERISM perform at a live concert before I came to Japan, and as a member of the same generation, I couldn't stop shaking with excitement. At that time, I vividly remember thinking, "I really want to compete with the coolness of their videos!" I vividly remember thinking, "I really want to compete with the coolness of the video! 
With many overseas listeners, I was very worried about how to bring out the charm of ASTERISM and its universal coolness. In order to make it different from the previous work, I thought that by visualizing and expressing the tone with light, there would be a coolness that transcended the language barrier.

We thought that one of the keywords for filming was "session.
Therefore, we instructed the photographer and lighting staff to freely express what they felt about the song. The artists and staff members were truly in a frenzy, clashing with each other's individuality.
The side guitar part was impressive, just like a session.
I got goosebumps at the site as ASTERISM's performance sharpened with each take.
The editing of "Madness Hey Kids! the distorting screen effects were meant to blur the boundaries between the two.
When I looked up the meaning of "Madness," I learned that it refers to a Kabuki or Noh play called "Madness Mono.
I thought it would be interesting to create a climax, as if the curtain were falling at the end of the performance.
Silhouette" is also a music video piece where the coolness of sound and light collide. Please shake your head and watch it.