The music video of ‘Kyouran Hey Kids!!’ is launched, and one-man tour "After Recording" will be held as well!

ASTERISM - 狂乱 Hey Kids!!(InstruMetal version)

The music video of ‘Kyouran Hey Kids!! / THE ORAL CIGARETTES "Noragami ARAGOTO" OP theme’ included in Japanese anime x metal cover album "Animetic” that will be released on September 9, 2022 is launched!

While the previous music videos for "Kaikai Kitan" and "Unravel" were instrumental lyric videos directed by GAC, the new music video for "Kyouran Hey Kids!!’ is a video directed by Takeshi Hamaya that transcends language barriers by using light to visualize tones.

And also, “Unravel” have been delivered as the second leading single on June 17, 2022.
Please check it, too!

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And, we decide to hold the release tour of the concept cover album "Animetic," which will be released on September 9, 2022, will also include ‘Kyouran Hey Kids!!’.

The tour title is "After Recording".

"After Recording" is a Japanese word meaning "postrecording", in which the voice actors dub the voices into the anime. In the same way that voice actors breathe life into characters through "postrecording," the songs of "Animetic" will be brought to life through live performance, and the album will be completed once more.

The event will be held in Tokyo on September 9, 2022, which is also the album's distribution release date, and in Fukuoka, the members' hometown, on September 23, 2022. The earliest advance tickets are available from July 15, 20:00(JST) to July 21, 23:59(JST).

◆ASTERISM「Animetic」Release Tour 2022 ~ After Recording ~
Tokyo Concert
Date:September 9, 2022 (Fri) OPEN 18:00 | START 19:00
Venue: Tokyo, Japan / SHIBUYA CYCLONE
Ticket: ¥3,800 (tax included, drinks not included, all seats standing)
Official Fastest Prior Ticket Order (by lottery): Friday, July 15, 2022 20:00 ~ Thursday, July 21, 2022 23:59
General sales: Monday, August 1, 2022 12:00 ~


【Fukuoka Concert】
Date:September 23, 2022 (Fri|Holiday) OPEN 17:00 | START 18:00
Venue:Fukuoka Prefecture | Fukuoka INSA
Ticket:¥3,800 (tax included, drinks not included, all seats standing)
Official Fastest Prior Ticket Order (by lottery): July 15, 2022 (Fri) 20:00 ~ July 21, 2022 (Thu) 23:59
General sales: Monday, August 1, 2022 12:00 ~
Reception URL:

ASTERISM「Animetic」Release Tour 2022 ~ After Recording ~

◆Member's Comment: HAL-CA(Gt)
This music video was a new production using light! It was a fresh sensation to shoot with flashing lights, and the finished video has been further processed in various ways, which I thought was really cool! I thought it was so cool! I think everyone will enjoy watching it!
In September, the band will be holding a solo tour called "After Recording"! I am looking forward to performing this song live! Another completion of "Animetic" will be coming on the "After Recording" tour. Let's create it together! Enjoy!

The recording of "Madness Hey Kids! I drank a lot of energy drinks to express the frenzy of the song, and I was so excited to record the song (lol)! The lighting, camera work, and performance in this music video expresses the frenzy of the song in a cool way! It's a great music video, so please watch it as much as you can!
The release tour "After Recording" will be held in September! I can't wait until September, and I'm thinking every day about how to make it a LIVE that everyone will enjoy, so please look forward to it! It's going to be a great LIVE! Please come see us in Tokyo and Fukuoka!

MIO (Dr.)
This "Madness Hey Kids! was recorded with an emphasis on a dynamic live performance, with a jazz approach in the middle of the song and a slow and steady arrangement. The music video, which is based on the theme of light, expresses the duality of intensity and mysteriousness!
We hope to create a hot space with our songs and everyone at the "After Recording" tour in September! We are sure you will enjoy it! Please come and join us!

◆Director Takeshi Hamaya's Comment
I was worried about how to bring out the charm of ASTERISM and its universal coolness to the many listeners in Japan and overseas.
I thought that by visualizing and expressing the tone with light, there would be a coolness that transcended the language barrier.
I got goosebumps on the site as ASTERISM's performance sharpened with each successive take.