The music video of ‘Unravel’ is launched, and delivered as the second leading single!

The music video of ‘Unravel’ is launched, and delivered as the second leading single!

The music video of ‘Unravel’ included in Japanese anime x metal cover album "Animetic” that will be released on September 9, 2022 is launched!

The music video was released in the “instrument-lyric” style, following the previous song ‘Kaikaikitan’ (OP theme song for anime “Jujutsu Kaisen”/Original Song by Eve).

And also, “Unravel” have been delivered as the second leading single on June 17, 2022.
Please check it, too!

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This was my first attempt at an instrumental lyric series. It was more difficult than I had imagined to make a lyric out of a guitar sound, so I wrote it while actually singing.
I wrote the lyrics while actually singing along. I wondered if the current sound was juk-juk or zuk-zuk.
As I was thinking about which one would fit the sound better, I realized that there were so many nuances in a single guitar that I wouldn't notice if I just played or listened to the guitar.
I made conscious efforts to create onomatopoeia so that the lyrics would convey these detailed nuances.
When I saw the lyrics combined with the music video, I was very moved!

When transcribing the sounds I was playing for the instrilic video, I had a hard time writing the same letters like "dudu dudu" all the time, because I sometimes had a gestalt collapse and lost track of what I was really writing!
The resulting instrilic ended up matching our performance very coolly, so I hope everyone will have a chance to see it!

how to express not only the light touch and heavy touch, but also the overlapping parts of cymbals and snares, and various other sounds with different combinations. After much deliberation, I was able to grasp the nuances and translate them into letters by actually doing the drum movements and moving my whole body. I think it turned out to be an instrilic with a realistic feel!

Comment from the Director GAC
The completed video was completely different from what I had imagined when I first got the offer to make a music video for a metal band.
When I first heard ASTERISM’s track, I thought I heard vocals although it’s an instrumental band; it was like each instrument was singing. I was shocked to see how a guitar, a bass, and the drums can be played with such expression. I was very worried about how to create a music video with the ASTERISM sound. I was sure that it would not be a cliche metal music video, but I wondered if I could express the charm of ASTERISM in some other way...

Then during a break in a brainstorming session at spirot, an idea popped up: ‘Even though it’s an MV of an instrumental band, can't we make a lyric movie?’
Lyric videos, which are becoming a big deal in Japan these days, are a part of Japanese culture (or so I believe), and I wonder if people overseas can also feel the fun and emotional aspects of these videos. Also, since these songs are cover of anime theme songs, the concept of these music video is a new way to express how the performed instruments sound like vocals, and it’s perfect for a band like ASTERISM. I thought it was a perfect way to present their young, aggressive performance and their transcendental techniques; a great way to show the world their unique, exciting styles and their emotions.
The main concept was decided soon after a lively discussion during the long break. After further discussions with everyone involved, we decided to put together a music video based on the concept. I believe this was the moment when ‘instrument-lyric’ was born.

I met the members of ASTERISM at the shooting of the video for the first time. All three of them seemed so gentle and it was hard to imagine that they would play such powerful sounds. Of course, that all blew away the moment they began their performance.
The MV shooting was a very harsh, but I really enjoyed watching the monitors as I watched a series of wonderful performances, and I got goosebumps at every turn. I hope you will feel the passionate and aggressive performance that is inextricably linked to their mild-mannered side.

In these cover music video, I tried to incorporate this aspect into the lyrics while basing them on images from the original comics and anime works. Telling a behind-story, these ‘lyrics’ were actually written by the members. It’s important to note that it’s not just a mimicry, but ‘lyrics’. It’s their way to visualize the sound of the song, so through it, I hope you can feel how the sounds are ‘seen’ by the members.


Another difficult part of the production process was ‘expression in English’.
At first, it was very difficult to intuitively perceive the English lyric of the sound, and I sometimes wondered, ‘Is this really correct?’ But as the production progressed, I found myself gradually replacing the English lyric with Japanese katakana in my brain and looking at the images, which was a very strange feeling. I would be very interested to know how this looks and feels to people overseas.

I made a long comment, but to put it succinctly, ‘It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun!’
Please enjoy.

Director: Gaku Nakata / GAC (spirot inc.)

The music video of ‘Unravel’ is launched, and delivered as the second leading single!