The music video of ‘KaikaiKitan’ is launched, and delivered as the first leading single!

The music video of ‘KaikaiKitan’ is launched, and delivered as the first leading single!

The music video of ‘Kaikai Kitan’ included in Japanese anime x metal cover album "Animetic” that will be released on September 9, 2022 is launched!

The lyric video is usually displayed by matching the movement of the vocal mouth with the timing of the lyric, but the instrumental video is a production that expresses the sound from the guitar, bass, and drum with onomatopoeia along the song. It is a gimmick like the instrumental band ASTERISM.

And also, “Kaikai Kitan” have been delivered as the first leading single on May 22, 2022.
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◆Member comment

In this MV, we took on the new challenge of instrumental! It was a mysterious and interesting way to transcrib our performances! I hope you will enjoy the new MV!

It’s an unprecedented MV called” Instruric “with the lyrics of our performance and the sound we’re playing! And there are some cuts that homage the characters of Jujutsu Kaisen. So please pay attention to that too! 

This MV is a video that not only our performance but also the sound is expressed as lyrics (= instrumental)! The MV with a seemingly contradictory concept of “instrumental but lyric” has become more interesting than ever, so please check it out! 

◆GAC director’s comment
When I first heard the ASTERISM song, I heard a voice even though it was an instrument band, and I got the illusion that each instrument was singing. I was shocked that I could express this with just the guitar, bass and drums. I clearly remember receiving it.

The instrumental video, which is the concept of this MV, has the impression that the sound it plays can be heard in the voice, and it is a production that is perfect for packaging youthful aggressiveness + transcendental technique, so it is interesting and emotional to people all over the world. I thought that you could feel the part. Behind the scenes, this lyric is transcribed by ASTERISM members. The point is not just onomatopoeia, but visualization of the sound along the song = lyric, so I hope that you can feel the image of the sound that you are hearing together.

The first time I met the three ASTERISM members was during the MV shooting, and each of them had a mild atmosphere and didn’t seem to make such a fat sound, but that consciousness the moment the play started. Was blown away.

Director: Takeshi Nakata / GAC (spirot inc.)

The music video of ‘KaikaiKitan’ is launched, and delivered as the first leading single!