Deriving its name from the shining group of stars in the night sky, ASTERISM sets their goal to shine as individuals as well as shining brighter as a 3-piece to reach ever higher musical sphere.

What led this constellation to line up was half chance and half fate. When The 8th Music Revolution, music contest organized by Yamaha Group was held in 2014, HAL-CA was one of Fukuoka preliminary contestants playing guitar on her own. The two brothers MIO and MIYU who called themselves O.G.I. were also in the preliminary held in the neighbor prefecture Saga. On their own, their performances were already equally stunning and promising. “But what if you put them together?” An idea was brought up by one of the YAMAHA staff who saw them first-hand. “This might spawn a unique, one-of-a-kind instrumental band.” …and so the story begins.

HAL-CA, MIO and MIYU all felt the same way after seeing each other play for the first time. “It was like, at last, we found our soulmates - someone of the same generation who you feel you can relate to and share your music with.”

The magnetism of ASTERISM, no doubt, lies in their powerful live shows. What you hear are exquisitely skillful performances delivered with outpouring passion for music. Something you’ve least expected from what you see - three, bright-eyed teenagers - on stage.

Adding original tunes under their belts, ASTERISM kicked off their full-fledged live career. Their appearances included music events “MUSIC CITY TENJIN” and “Saga International Balloon Festa” sharing the stage with ex-Hounddog guitarist, Takeshi Nishiyama and LOUDNESS bass man, Masatoshi Yamashita.

2016 saw ASTERISM release “Got your back~/Wonder Rocket” from Yamaha Music Publishing. They were among the others to take the Atrium Stage at “Musical Instruments Fair Japan 2016” held in Tokyo Big Site.

As ASTERISM’s reputation grew rapidly through their Facebook page, Bootsy Collins of the JB’s (James Brown)-fame, shared “155” video in his Facebook page introducing it as “the best band I found this year is from Japan! ” This instantly boosted up the view count, breaking 13 million views in total.